Léonce de Valleroy Montrachet information

In a bin-end sale of mixed aged white Burgundy, I’ve come across a bottle of Léonce de Valleroy Montrachet from 1989.
However, I have never heard about this producer and some googling is only revealing that its a negociant, most likely of sub-par quality.
The bottle can be had at a good price though so I am willing to give it a shot, but I wanted to know if anyone in here has any information on this producer or any personal experiences with its wines?

Thank you in advance and have a nice weekend ahead.

As a seasoned dabbler in old bottles I’d say you have a 10% chance of a pleasant white burgundy and a 1% chance of a worthy Montrachet.

Alright, those are not fantastic odds, but I’ll give it a shot. You have any experience with this negociant?