Lentil Soup w/Merguez Sausage and Charbono

Tonight’s ‘light’ supper was lentil soup with lamb Merguez sausage with a 1997 Boeger El Dorado Charbono - black plastic cork, uniform dark ruby-garnet in color; spicy nose and simple flavors of red and black fruits; spicy fruit mid-palate with good acidity and no tannins; and a long fruity finish. It was a good match with the slightly spicy soup.

Then for dessert we had the remains of last night’s cheeses with a pink lady apple and two interesting wines: a 1984 Essencia, Quady’s Orange Muscat = amazingly not oxidized with nice fruit, good acidity, and a long finish; and a 2001 EOS late-harvest muscat - nice fruit. good acidity, and a long fruity finish. Both wer good with the combinations of cheeses, apple, and nuts. The Essencia was richer and darker, no surprise since it was 25 years old. The EOS was simple, pleasant and enjoyable as well.

Dick, do you realize how many people are jealous of your regular eating and drinking habits?

I don’t think of it as jealousy. I prefer admiration and awe.

Yeah, those too…

Next time I’m in the area, I’m comin’ a callin’

Just let us know when you are coming.

So we can lock the door [rofl.gif]