Learning French wine villages

I’m more a Rhone than a Burgundy person, so I’m probably not the best person to respond. Visiting is the best way. My knowledge of where vineyards are has increased exponentially by visiting them after visiting a vigneron where I tasted a wine from that vineyard. I think one could probably get the same effect by having a map in front of you as you taste wines and making a point of identifying the village you are drinking. I don’t recommend trying to memorize as you would the multiplication tables. It’s not that one can’t do that, but it’s exactly the form of knowledge that isn’t useful. You want to identify tastes with places, not have a taxonomic knowledge.

Quite ingenious, I must say!

Agreed. I love the subway map format!

BB&R (Berry Bros. & Rudd) has a great website with a lot of info on it.

This is always fun:

Funny game, the Burgundy 1er vs grand crus part is so easy if you know the trick :slight_smile:

And the Bordeaux growth one… my average went way down because of it [soap.gif]

That is fun(amnd a bit humbling as well)