Le Fete du Berserkers NYC

Hard pass. And let down. Looks like we will have to our own actual Fête.


Sounds good, let’s plan it!

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I’m game

Add me to the interest

I presume you are talking about an event in NYC area, La Fete du Berserkers? If so, I’ll definitely look to see if I can come - it’s been a minute!

Tentative interest here as well.

I’m usually down to come to nyc too!

Just takes someone to plan this!

Jon and I can put our heads together to try to plan something.


Very much appreciated! Happy to help if you need anything. Just let me know

Definitely interested as well

I’d be interested in a LF du beserk.


I would be interested and possibly my wife

Jason and I will figures something out. Best if we could get an approximate headcount so if you are interested, let us know.

In +1


Let me change my in to an in+1 then please

This sounds like fun. I’m likely in as well. Dates depending of course.

Interested also depending on date.

Yeah, guess I can try for this.

Thank you for your sacrifice