Le Cache filter replacement options

Le Cache sells replacement filters for their CellarPro units. Basically a rectangle of synthetic fiber, $25 for a pack of 2.
I am wondering if there are less expensive options, namely either:

  1. Washing the existing filter and reusing, or…
  2. Using a comparable material that could be purchased at a hardware supplier for much less, and cutting to fit.

All suggestions appreciated.

Those CellarPro filters are not cheap!

I would advocate caution in seeking an alternative replacement as the specifications in the manual are very precise (for my 4200 it indicates that damage will occur if a filter with a MERV rating > 5 is used). And since the cooling units themselves are not cheap, it would seem to be a false economy to risk damage by using non-spec filters. But I looked high and low for filters with equivalent specs and gave up as I just could not find any (there are plenty that are the same size, but all seem to have a higher MERV rating).

Note that CellarPro offers reusable aluminum filters. They are about twice the price of the replaceable filter, but of course can be used permanently as long as they are washed. They seem to require a “tackifier” spray to be applied after washing (which annoyingly I can’t seem to find in Canada yet).

The reusable filter is on the CellarPro web site. I assume it is offered for all models - I know the type used in the 3200 and 4200 is available at least.

It could be worse. You could have a Eurocave. A single filter costs $45 and a pack of 4 costs $150. But given the value of the wine stored in a cabinet, I do not hesitate to buy them to protect my investment.

One thing that isn’t in the manual I have is replacement frequency. For my furnace, I replace it every three months. I assume it is the same frequency for the cooling unit.

My manual for the CellarPro 1800 has two recommendations: every 6 months or every 3 to 9 months depending on how dirty the filter gets. I’ve generally replaced mine every 6 months and have had no issues (granted, my filter doesn’t get very dirty).

I replace mine every 3 months as we live in a dusty place.

I use this one from www.mcmaster.com
Item # 2182K15
10 pcs per box or pack for $40 and a change.

You just need to cut it to size.
Depending on your filter size, you can yield more than 10 filter.

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Yep, I do this because I have to change filters so often. It would cost me a fortune otherwise but they work fine.