Late tasting notes..59 Rem 92 La Tache ...

Tasting was held at the weekend, all tasted blind…

92 DRC Romanee St Vivant - took a good while to come around but was very
impressive- earthy, forest floor and well balanced.I wish I had kept some in
the glass to see it improve, the wine was decanted 1 hr prior to tasting and
was just starting to evolve after 1 -2 hrs. last taste was of smoked meats.

79 Guigal La Mouline - Wine of the Night for me, Just friggin fantastic !
fruit concentration and balance, every one nailed this wine blind,
unmistakable bacon fat, smoke and rustic aromas, still has lot’s left to
offer, this looked like was a perfect bottle once and tasted like one

59 Remoissenet Richebourg- will be hunting down more of this wine, what a
treat for a fifty year old Pinot, superb nose,soy sauce and clover, still
nice ruby hue and going strong. The wine was fleshy and had great underlying
red berry flavors with a seamless texture, would never guess this to be a
fifty year old pinot.

66 Latour - flawed, absolute bummer is an understatement.

82 Gaja Costa Russi ¬- licorice nose, had a roasted note, I found this
still tannic and tight and pretty monolithic, just not my style I guess.

85 Vega Sicilia Unico - Tasting blind I thought at first sniff this was a
Bordeaux, tobacco and compost nose, it had a sweetness to it that was
impressive with well intergrated oak and black fruit flavors, had a finish
that left a mark, my first time for Unico - loved it.

78 Margaux - another flawed Bordeaux, showing nothing, no fruit, had a
mederized smell - this had definitely seen heat along the way.

90 Jaboulet La Chapelle - was decanted 1 hr before the tasting and was a
little disappointing to me, it was classic hermitage nose, really meaty
smells and allspice but again very tight and not showing much fruit, it had
all the stuffing of greatness but tasted asleep to me, needs more time in my
opinion, or a much longer decant.

95 Chat Mouton- brooding and backward, classic paulliac nose, cigar, tobacco
but for me in a dumb stage, showed not much fruit at all, definitely needs
more time.

64 Tokaji Aszu Essencia - stunning , tasted of honey dipped in crème brulee
with a caramel syrup on top, rich , rich rich. crazy juice !

If you still have the bottle of 64 Essencia around I’d be curious to know what was on the label as far as producer. I just picked up a bottle myself from a cellar purchase, and I was surprised to not see any reference to Monimpex (the state producer), but there was no mention of any other producer on the label. Was there only one bottling of '64 Essencia made in Tokaji and they are all the same? Or if not, any idea how to distinguish between them? My bottle is offsite at the moment, but with a little trouble we could exchange photos.

Simon…on the 1959 Remoissenet…do you know if was original release or a re-release?

I will take a look at he bottle tonight and post a pic saturday, have been travelling all week but i did keep the bottle and will let you know.

I think it may have been a re release as it was just so young tasting, I do know Remoissenet did release batches of older vintage, the bottle was in very good shape also.

I looked at the bottle of 64 Tokaji Aszu Essencia, it has Monimpex around the neck and at the bottom of the label, no producer per say , just says High quality wine produced and bottled in Hungary, yellow label with pic of a castle and Vineyard scene and Essencia in bold red …hope this helps.