(Last Bottle Wines) Deal Discussion Thread

In for 3 of the mystery :crossed_fingers:

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Thoughts on this 2018 Burg?


I bought it the last time they offered it. Here’s my admittedly brief note from CT:

Boy was this delicious. Hits way above its price point and appellation.

If they are offering free shipping, it’s a pretty good deal at $25.

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OK, grabbed 4 on your recommendation! If it sucks, I’ll send you the rest at cost!:laughing:

LOL deal

A couple days ago they offered a 2015 Hoopes Oakville Cab. Not something I’ve seen from them before and legitimately over 50% off for this well reviewed cab. Got a couple coming and just wondered if anyone has had this before.

To me, it seems a bit odd that they are running a flash sale on Pinot Noir, one day before the inaugural marathon sale on their sister sparkling wine site. Seems like it might siphon disposable wine dollars away from that?

Is it a marathon sale? I didn’t notice any mention of free shipping.

Free shipping with 3 bottles, which is less than typical. Also, all-Pinot, so like a low-key Marathon I guess.

I’ve had it - nice Oakville cab. Went in on some for myself when it was offered at LB as well, can’t beat the price!

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They had the 2017 Halcon Bearwallow Pinot Noir for $20 and 2019 Halcon Oppenlander for $26 yesterday. I never had a Halcon Pinot Noir but have had most of the other wines Paul made. I’m looking forward to trying these.


I jumped on it also. 3 bottles. Should be here tuesday

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Also ordered a 3 pack of 2019 oppenlander pn for about $27 a bottle delivered. Figure they aren’t making any more.



Confirmed. 2019 Mystery RRV was again Chev. Just got my bottles.


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The Halcon Pinots are good.
FYI, Scott Shapley, formerly of Roessler, was their winemaker, although I’m sure Paul and Jackie were heavily involved.

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Just bought 3 bottles on 2019 On Q Cadence from Coombsville

I tried to resist…

‘Tis the season for the “Get this old-ass rosé out of the warehouse” sale.

I used to look forward to these in store retail clearances. But then retailers figured out they could just mix in the old vintage with the new vintage stock and no one would be any the wiser. The hordes drinking rose for the summer are not vintage sensitive.

Now of course, don’t try pulling a fast one like that on Navin Johnson