(Last Bottle Wines) Deal Discussion Thread

sounds very probable.

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could be Cirq too, no?

I don’t think so. The WS low on 2019 Cirq is ~$200; the Chev is $90.

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Good call. Have you had it?

No, I’m just a sucker for those mystery bottle clue hunts. :slight_smile:

There’s only one CT note on the 2019 vintage; other tasting notes indicate this is fairly classic RRV. @brigcampbell has a note on the 2018 vintage.


I’ve tasted all the Chev and Cirq wines, I have two friends that buy quite a bit of it. I’ve done blind, non blind, Chev vs Cirq and verticals of Chev and Cirq by themselves. Every which way.

I have not posted most of those notes for no good reason.

There’s very little variation between vintages and Michael Brown is a witch doctor when it comes to blending. He really is amazing.

There’s also very little difference between Cirq and Chev across vintages.

Both wines are 100% consistent with the Michael Brown house style. Big, concentrated, flavorful and yummy. Old world it is not. But great fun. Like KB, WS, and others.


I’m in for two of the Andrew Will 3-packs. I had been meaning to try some Andrew Will wine, and this seemed like a good chance to do that at a little bit of a discount.

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Fair piece and good wine. I passed because I’ve had but good value and great way to try a few offerings.

I figured this one out as well. Fun to do the work. Wish they’d do more of these.

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You are Correct sir!
Just received my 3 bottles and itis the Chev RRV 2019!

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Let us know how they are!

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Did anyone see/sign up for Last Bubbles? Guess they wanted to branch out & expand to only bubbles…

I hope that Last Bubbles doesn’t take away from the all the champagnes that Marathon has, however.

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There is a separate thread.

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Thats been around for 4-5 months at this point. So far hasnt been that exciting. Maybe one or two decent deals.

I bought supernova (current offer) months ago to be used on a warm/hot day, figuring cold sparkling rose will be refreshing, while kids play in backyard.

Anyone know anything about the Tantara that’s up on today’s pinot-palooza?

Which one was it? I previously bought a 2017 Tantara Zotovich Vineyard that was fantastic. For the price, wish I would have bought more.

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It was a 2018 Santa Barbara County.

Now up is a mystery RRV.

Tantara is back up.

Based on the prior postings in this thread, I’d guess the mystery was again the 2019 Chev.


In for 3 of the Mystery RRV…