Las Vegas Hotels

Help! Can’t decide between Wynn (Encore), Venetian and Cosmopolitan.
Which would you choose?

If you’re walking around Vegas then in order

  1. Cosmo
  2. Venetian
  3. Wynn Encore

Roomswise it’d probably be the opposite, though.

There’s a lot of factors; my favorite hotel and usual go to is Aria.

One of many reasons why I stay across the street from Cosmo at the Bellagio. I also find the Wynn and Venetian properties to be too huge for my liking.

Bellagio and Caesar’s have the best locations but are a bit dated, it all just depends what your priorities are. I did stay at Caesar’s a few weeks ago and fwiw they have an outstanding gym.

Two bad experiences in a row at Palazzo (Venetian). I won’t be staying there ever again. Would suggest Wynn/Encore or Waldorf

We’ll be attending a couple of shows at the Sphere. Really just looking for a nice hotel with large quiet rooms, a very chill pool, a variety of good restaurants/cocktail bars. We don’t mind walking. We aren’t big gamblers.

You should stay at Venetian then.


For me it’s strictly about the atmosphere you desire. We stay at the Cosmo because there isn’t much better then hanging out drinking champagne on an upper balcony facing the strip in the evening. We just stayed there and thought the rooms are getting a bit tired.

It’s a different experience on the casino floor though for better or worse. Loud, bumping music and dim lighting. It has an energy but probably can get old unless your into the party.

Encore is for grown-ups, beautiful upper rooms with floor to ceiling windows, but it’s not a balcony. Casino floor has better air and the slots aren’t jammed in. I don’t remember the energy at night but was just there in the day and I thought it was sad. Then again, day gambling usually is :joy:

I’ve never stayed at the Venetian, but it’s the safe sterile call imo. Why do that? It’s Vegas!

Edit after I see your requirements…that’s NOT the Cosmo. You will hear the thumping and I think it’s coming from the pool during the day (I’ve never used it).

The rooms at the Cosmo were tired like 6 mo after it was built… it is definitely inordinately loud on the first 3 floors, as well.

I always stay at Aria sky suites (except this time because the conference was actually in the Caesar’s palace tower) and am always shocked at how loud the cosmo is.

I was just on the 48th floor and it was loud :laughing:
But the balcony…

We stayed a couple of years ago at Park MGM. Rooms were “fine”, it was relatively quiet, has a good parking garage if you need that. Not glamorous, but perfectly adequate. Good location.

It’s pretty far south, although I do think it’s underrated with bavettes, eataly, etc. it’s like 15 min walk from the center of the strip, just as far as Wynn.

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Yeah there are def nice views, just tiny rooms. A standard room in the Venetian is twice as big as one in the cosmo.

Makes no sense to get a standard room there as they don’t have balconies. Balcony rooms have 600 to 900 sq ft. Plenty imo as the terrace adds another room really. Splurge and get the wrap-around and it’s 1600 sq w/terrace.

It’s not for everyone though and definitely the opposite of Abbie’s checklist

The Stay Well rooms at Bellagio are newer, have air purification (with white noise) systems. I suffer from environmental allergies and Las Vegas was always a challenge until I stayed in a Stay Well room Bellagio when they first offered them. I was skeptical about the purification system, but it makes a huge difference to me. Same, surprisingly, with the white noise it produces. If I don’t get a suite upgrade, I’m happy with a Stay Well Fountain View room.

I like the size of the Bellagio, Cosmo, Waldorf, et al. At a conference last week, the walk from the entrance of the Wynn to the conference rooms and outside area was 20+ minutes.

Yeah the Caesar’s is enormous.

I just booked through the conference at Caesar’s so got a large, but sort of dated room, it was ok. It was also really cheap and the weekend we were there was EDC and dell developer mtg and icsc, so hotel rooms in non-reserved blocks were 600+ even at the Excalibur and places like that. My usual sky suite was 3k/nt, I’d rather have a couple bottles of la tache haha

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