Laguna Cellar charging $2 fuel charge for 2019 futures?

Wondering if anyone encountered $2 fuel/shipping charge per bottle from Laguna Cellars for the 2019 bordeaux futures that have arrived recently. I have bought 2019 futures from several retailers, but none of the orders have arrived other than Laguna Cellars one, and have never experienced such surcharge in my bordeaux buying so far all these years. The explanation given was that the fuel prices have skyrocketed and therefore have to charge the amount. Really? Fuel prices have been up and down for the past decades and I haven’t seen that type of surcharge right before taking delivery.

I reserve the judgement on Laguna Cellars until I see what other retailers of my 2019 futures do, but needless to say, I am pissed off. If other retailers do not charge, then Laguna Cellars dropped the ball somewhere and needless to say, I won’t be doing any business with them in future… [swearing.gif]

Anyone experiencing the same?

I’m sure they’d be happy to cancel your order and sell it to someone else if you don’t want to pay it.

Oh, yeah. That’s what they offered and I can see through it.

I ordered just few bottles for the first time to check this new retailer, and looks like I will stay with my regular well known west coast retailers…

I would read the Futures contract carefully; if you can’t find the provision that allows them to unilaterally change the terms of the contract then ask them to point it out for you. If/When they can’t, maybe they’ll cave … or maybe you can decide to sue for specific performance … or you can just pay it. Regardless, if this happened to me I would be very dissatisfied.

Is it $2/btl or $2 total?

Edit: upon re-reading the OP you did say it’s per bottle.

The cost of shipping wine has gone up dramatically since the time I imagine you placed these orders. I don’t think it has ever cost nearly as much as it does now.