Ladd Cellars Chardonnay, Pinot, Cab Franc & Tempranillo!

I just noticed…if you order the appropriate item, in CA, the sales tax is $6.66…am I going to hell, or is the purchaser?

All done…thanks to everyone that ordered and/or made comments! Woo Hoo!

Hey, I’m finally relaxing a bit and caught the part of your post I missed before…I’d love to follow you around and taste with you at Falltacular! I always learn good stuff when I taste with/near you! And I just confirmed with my Sis that I’ll be able to stay with them (San Diego) when I’m down there…always a good thing. Good times…woo hoo!

Does anyone have Ladd’s phone number. I’ve sent two emails this week with no reply. He said he would try to ship my wine in early March, but nothing yet. PM would be great. Thank you.

Doug, don’t sweat it. Are you that desperate that you need the wine now? Given current events, he may have bigger fish to fry. I’ve known Eric personally for many years. He’s a stand-up guy. Hell, my Berserkers order from 2019 got lost in the shuffle. I think I finally got it sometime in November. No big deal.

And, since he told me he’d ship it in early a March, I was concerned it may have already been shipped. Ive had a few boxes delivered to other houses due to my twisting neighborhood roads confusing street signs. In the email, I told him there was no hurry. I do have wine!

Ah, now I understand, thinking it might have been shipped and not gotten to you.

FYI, in a post on Facebook he mentioned that his email is all screwed up right now.


Okay, you know he works in IT, right? [wow.gif]

I know he stores off-site, as most of us, small wineries, do. Our facility has closed as well, per Sonoma County orders, so far no word yet from ours, as an example. And I am sure he’s in the same boat we are, many others as well. Storage facilities will all re-evaluate come April 6th, last I heard, we’re all hopeful we can have access to our wine at that point.

Haven’t talked with Eric for a bit, but sure that would be his response. Hope this helps.

Hey, I just saw this. Sorry about all this. My shipping drop off contact (dropping off alc for shipping is complicated, I have someone I work with for this) has been out for a bit (for topical reasons, they’re fine and should be back in action, tho limited, next week-ish). I sent you email about this and rescheduling, and sounds like you didn’t get it due to my email config problems, ouch. I’ll send you email on Monday (when I hear from my drop off folks) and we can figure out timing. Thanks!