Thanks for posting John!

I’m going next month when a friend of mine does a pop-up there, but it will be more of his food than Animal’s.

Does their corkage policy limit the number of bottles?



Back from a great weekend in the city of Angels. Quick recap -

lunch at The Ivy - nice setting, great service, pretty good food, insane prices, no celebrities. Nice bottle of Fevre Chablis for $38 from list though

Sofitel @ Beverly - great hotel, great deal from Jetsetters, <$200 a night, modern, comfy rooms, view of the Hollywood hills, quiet, great service, great bed

dinner @ AOL - love this place, great wine service, great small plates, a winner. $40 for a half of aged Barolo (cant remember year or maker) but it was great

breakfast at Joans on Third - Love this concept, why cant there be a place like this on every corner in every city? Coffee, bread, pastries, full country breakfasts, sandwiches, pre cooked dinners (gourmet), cheeses, few wines, staples. Awesome

lunch at Canters - Girls were afraid to get out of car at Langers! Great pastrami sandwich, handcut. Original decor and packed to the gills

dinner at The Bazaar - All I can say is this place is a blast. Inventive food, small plates, top quality. Fun cocktails and pricey, but good, wine list. Our Somm was the most energetic ever!! 27 years old and he knew his wine. Had a great pinot from germany that was almost clear it was so light but full of flavor. Special treat kind of place but a dont miss if in LA. Happening bar scene full of celebs and Laker players that night (I promised not to name names). Mens bathroom was 100% mirrors, you could see every square inch of space from any point, pretty cool. Plus there was a guy to help dispense soap and hand you a towel!

back to Joans on Third - i repeat why dont we have one of these on every corner in America?

The Getty - no parking reservations anymore, not enough demand. second time there and it is as awesome as ever. fun way to spend half a day.

Silverlake Cheese - loaded up on goodies, great little store wit all of the essentials for my pantry/cheese drawers. Beatnicky little area that is full of energy these days

Dinner at Tasting Table on Abbot Kinney in Venice on way home. this is the new trend in restaurants and I love it. very informal, dressy or not dressy, it is up to you. great food, eclectic wine/beer list. nice setting.

okay its back to work before the CC bill shows up.


LOL. OC’ers ;p. You should check out the area on weekends, it’s a hotbed of activity with lots and lots of families roaming the streets. Macarthur park (across the street) is filled with soccer players and with a large audience with tons of food everywhere :smiley: