La Paulee 2023 NYC

That’s the benefit of wisdom and experience talking Mark. But I am neither as old nor as wise, which is why I like the big dinners more than you do. That said, I didn’t go last year and organized a separate dinner, but that’s a minor detail :wink: I think everyone should do a few galas, they’re fun. And they also let people try a lot of wine and meet the producers. They may not be the most optimal way to enjoy the wines, but that’s not what the hobby is always about.


Just bought our tickets to the grand tasting. Based on comments, we decided to pass on the gala dinner, so if anyone is setting up an offline and has space for 2 more on Saturday 3/4, my wife and I would love to go and will bring some good sh!t to share. TIA!

Having not attended, is etiquette about bringing magnums or multiples of standard 750s?

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Awesome, thank you.

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You can do as you choose. Bringing a mag does make life easier, but it’s also heavy to walk around with.

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If anyone has 2 tickets to the March 4 10:30am Masterclass, I would like to buy please.

I would rather go to this than the Grand Tasting, as I don’t like having to fight a crowd to get a taste.

I bought airline tix and hotel before clicking the “buy tickets” button on AmEx website, only to find out the Masterclass was sold out.