La Paulee 2023 NYC

Saw the line-up for La Paulee 2023 in NYC. Overall line-up looks pretty good.

Last La Paulee I attended was in 2020. Compared to then a few names I saw missing were Liger Belair, Comte George, D’angerville, Duroche, Fourrier, Mugberet Gibourg and Roumier.


Makes sense Liger Belair and Mugneret Gibourg wouldn’t participate—they have way too little wine to sell for the demand.

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Also neither Faiveley nor Leflaive are mentioned, they’ve both been long-time attendees. Chisa Bize was also typically pouring. Perhaps the list is still in process?

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John, I noticed that too.

Either way there is enough in here that I would be attending.

I was bummed, though not surprised, to see some of the names missing.

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thought I saw Duroche listed…I too will probably attend. Nice to see the up and comers in the list. I can’t afford Liger Belair and Roumier anyway at this point. Even M-G is at a high pain threshold, and the Ruchottes pretty much out of reach.


Pre-Sale is now open

Was this sent via email?

Very interested, would appreciate more info!

Yeah debating what events to attend. Normally I prefer verticals over the grand tasting. One reason being grand tasting and gala dinner are on the same day.

But this year I may do Grand tasting and gala dinner.

They had been participating for years while that statement was true.

I actually like the line up a lot this year for the Grand Tasting. Chevillon I haven’t seen in the past. Bernard Moreau is in, which is exciting. I’m also interested in the lower tier producers that I hear so much about, and haven’t gotten to taste.

I’ll be going to the verticals for the first time too. Plus, I’ll be going to the Grand Tasting and Gala Dinner.


If you use Amex, the Grand Tasting and Gala dinner are basically 2 for 1. It’s $1600 for the Gala dinner on it’s own, or $1600 for both if you book with Amex.


I got an email this morning from Amex reminding me. All the info is at

Edit: The email was from reminding me that the Amex pre-sale is now open. The Masterclass and Discovery Lunch are both sold out.


Yes, first thing this morning.

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Signed up for verticals for the hefty-all-in of $650. Will it be less crowded at this price? Verticals has a bunch of wine/producers I currently own or buy… mostly in 1er cru range… so this is a ‘still’ cost effective way to meet the winemaker (if they are pouring) and check out some wines I may already own (a cellar defender event!). This verticals event is very deep on vintages that compromise most of my burgundy (more recent vintages).

  • Duroche LSJ was my first “annual buy burgundy” until it became impossible… but I own these vintages
  • Same as Duroche, I used to buy H-N Suchots until pricing got stupid but I own these vintages
  • I bought Bouchard Le Corton 2020, so can check out some slightly aged versions
  • Trying three vintage of JMT Bouley Chenes will be very informative (although it doesn’t include newer stuff)
  • Curious to compare 3 warm vintages of Chevillon
  • I have a bottle of Bruno Clair CSJ so this is a way to see what I got…
  • I own 2020/21 Fevre Le Clos, but haven’t tried. It will be fun to see what 2012/14 have turned into with ~a decade… is it my thing or not?
  • Dujac is so hot right now. I don’t own. Will be fun to see all the great juice I have missed out on, permanently!

Will be nice to see familiar faces among the producers as well as some who’ve not been before (Pillot and Germain especially looking forward to). I’ll be at verticals for sure.


I’m on the fence. Definitely enjoyed past La Paulee’s, but Burgundy times are a-changing.

We’re considering going for the first time this year.

I’m in for the grand tasting. Looking forward to the event reverting to its single-vintage format, instead of the 2018 & 2019 hodgepodge that we had last year. As noted above, definitely some names missing that I would’ve liked to see, but regardless excited that PYCM, Dujac, Duroché, Lafarge and a number of others will be presenting their wines this year.

Historically I haven’t attended the dinners - find it more satisfying to open great bottles with friends in a more intimate setting.

Ther are people that do private dinners around NYC that night. They call it the “anti-Paulee”

I am in that camp after attending many massive blowout tastings of wine in the past. Quieter venues allow for a more comfortable place to appreciate these wines. Then again maybe I am just getting too senior for any loud raucous parties in general! I am also on the fence this year for attendance, but would like the 20’s to taste. For certain will likely skip the 21’s next year. Had a knee replacement two months ago and standing for long periods is pretty uncomfortable.

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Definitely an exercise in excess. Especially the Gala dinner.

System overload, and very hard to be disciplined and rein yourself in, when so many great wines are being poured.

I used to go to every third one, stay overnight in a nearby hotel, and leave the following morning still slightly hungover, arrive home, and take another nap. I would highly recommend a local hotel, particularly if you are invited to a post Paulee party.

They used to seat according to what you brought. My first one was more free for all, and somebody brought a current Beaujolais and happily drunk the great wines on the table, leaving his own bottle untouched.

The honest answer is that unless you have very deep pockets, you can’t compete with people bringing Rousseau DRC and Leroy. Don’t sweat it, bring what you enjoy. I always brought three bottles, usually old stuff which made good trade bait.