LA Offline - Venice, CA - Gjelina - June 23rd 7pm

I’ve heard many good things about this place and been wanting to check it out. I’m thinking a casual offline, no more than 8 or 10. Corkage is $20 but I’ll try to work something out. I was thinking end of June or early-to-mid July, more likely a weeknight. Anyone interested?" onclick=";return false;

UPDATE 6-23-10

The restaurant does supply less than adequate stems so I suggest you bring your own. Reservations are under my name. Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight! [cheers.gif]


  1. Lisa
  2. John
  3. Mary
  4. Brian
  5. Gregg
  6. Bruce
  7. Arnie
  8. Marshall
  9. Diana

I’m in. Hopefully it’s a day I’m off work, fingers crossed!

sounds fun Lisa, depending on the date…I’ve been wanting to go there too.

I’m interested; also depending on the day.


Pick a date and let 'er rip!

I’ll try, but it is date-dependent for me

What, afraid that Heidi will turn you down? [wow.gif]

Nice spot. I dig the courtyard.

Great idea!

Week night is tough, but I’ll keep checking back to see where this ends up.

Glad to see some interest. I’ll throw out some dates on Monday. If a weeknight is difficult, how about a Sunday, on the early side, say 6:30-ish?

Date dependent, Lisa and I are interested.

What, afraid that Heidi will turn you down? [wow.gif]

With the standard “date dependent” caveat, I’m interested

I’m interested, depending upon the date, who’s going, what wine they bring, who our waitress will be, and whether they have free parking.
Geez, did you have a doubt about filling up an offline for 10 in these parts? Pick a date and announce!! Make sure you call them and arrange first. It’s one of the hardest places in town to get a group into.

Talk about pressure!!! I’m on it John! I’ll work everything out this weekend and announce a date on Sunday or Monday along with a wine theme and list of interested peeps. Keep your cork in! neener

I’m a relative newbie around here but have offlined with several from the board to remain unnamed but I’m in tentatively as well dependant on dates.

I’ll be in So Cal working the weeks of June 14th as well as June 28th!

Hope to meet up and make some some new friends.

Funny, I assumed in LA the valet parking or no one will attend rule was standard :slight_smile:


I’m still in.

Sorry, this is for WWG members only neener