L A Broker

We are looking for a LA wine broker. Any recommendations? Thanks

Kimberly Jones Selections. They cover all of CA.

Stephen - Since you haven’t received many responses I thought I would chime in from a distance. The 4Play Wine Consultants( http://www.4playwines.com/#! ) came up on a quick search and I noted that Bradley Brown of Big Basin Vineyards is using them and they place wines in some of the better shops in LA. Other than that I do not know diddley about these folks but one of them, Brian London, has posted here in the past…Cheers, Gary


Thanks for the PR!


I would think Vance Erickson would be a great for you, stylistically.

One suggestion for SoCal …Grapevine Wine Company, Redondo Beach, tel: (310) 792-9463. Michele Cohen. I didn’t like them much, when I had my shop, because they would never sell me Rombauer Chardonnay (a ‘must have’ in South OC) but their portfolio is very strong, especially in Central Coast offerings.


We are also looking for a broker for southern california-- we produce 1000-1500 cases a year, mostly sonoma cabs but also a russian river pinot. Retail prices mid-$30s. would appreciate any recommendations or if the prior ones posted might be good for us as well.