Knives made from burgundy vines?


About 12 months ago I saw a post showing some beautiful knives that were made from burgundy vines (or perhaps barrels).

They were a steak style knife, anyone have any idea of such a product? Looking for a special gift.

Many thanks for any help.

I have a Forge de Lagouile corkscrew made from a barrel.

Beware not all Lagouile are of similar quality. It varies between producers.

I know, it’s such a minefield these days. So many low quality Laguiole knives they have basically destroyed the brand. I don’t think these were laguiole.

Pic of mine.

The problem is, how would you know? I suppose if someone were to go through the trouble of doing it, they’d probably use a barrel or vine, but it would be pretty hard to tell the difference between any old piece of oak like I have on some old Chicago Cutlery knives, and barrel oak.

Good conversation piece though.

I believe the ones I saw were made from Amoureuse and the vineyard owner provided the vines to make them, they were a private commission, but there were also commercially available ones too.

A while ago I saw an ad for knives made from vines from DRC and Vogue.

Sounds similar Nick, did you keep the email per chance?!

sorry no.

I’d be surprised to see anything made from actual vine wood. It’s not particularly dense or strong. Maybe some really old vine roots?

these are beautiful knives with natural wood and other handles.

Coincidence: I bought 6 of the Perceval olive wood for myself this morning!

Am really looking for the burgundy related ones for an old friend who is also a wine lover.

I recall the posting I saw from them was from Amiot-Servelle and used Amoureuse vines…I will try and reach out again directly.

well Amazon comes close …

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enjoy … Shalom !!!

Salute !!!

Alan, you’re mistaken. Vine wood is incredibly dense and quite strong when dry. Come up to OR this spring and we’ll saw some heads off!