Ketchup...It's for fast food right ?

My wife puts it on eggs, her meatloaf and many different forms of potatoes.
I cringe and stand by my motto “Ketchup is for fast food”

I might put a little on the very occasional hot dog and will have some with french fries if we happen to hit In N’ Out which isn’t too often but other than that I just don’t care for it very much like I once did (don’t even get me going about A1, ketchup’s evil cousin). She shares a strong interest in wine with me, is a very good cook and sometimes has a more discerning palate than I do, so it perplexes me how she can still want to lather the stuff on various foods.

I know many people put ketchup on the same foods as she but I’m curious if anyone else taste for ketchup (i.e. salt) has changed over time ? I find it odd that mine has and hers hasn’t. (maybe old habits die hard)

Ketchup IS FOR FAST FOOD !!! Who’s with me ???

i used to put ketchup on my mom’s scrambled eggs cause they were always overcooked

What do you put on fried Troll? [rofl.gif]

I mix ketchup and soy sauce and put in on japanese style pork cutlets; also on meatloaf.