Keller Monsheimer Silberberg Trockenbeerenauslese Goldkapsel White

Just acquired some halves of the 2001. It is a Rieslaner. Has anybody tasted the 2001 or any other vintage?

Sorry, Mark, but I have not had this wine. The only sweet wine I have had from Keller was a 2011 Weingut Keller Pius Beerenauslese. This is a less expensive wine from him and was good but a bit simple.

I have in the past had wonderful Rieslaner TBAs from Muller-Catoir but they did not last forever. Not sure if the same would apply to a Keller.

Trying out a half bottle with some foie gras in a couple of weeks. Will report

I have a TN for the 2007 Keller Rieslaner BA made in the late 2000s around the time I tasted most of the 2007 Keller GGs- all TNs scattered over a few months and tasted alongside a wide array of other highly regarded German producers.

I thought the Keller BA was a very fun and enjoyable wine, but not as complex as hoped- and I specifically noted in the TN that it lacked the structure and potential of the Muller-Catoir Rieslaner dessert wines I knew/know fairly well from the 90s through 2001. FWIW- at the time Keller was not yet expensive, but the GGs were already difficult to find and in high demand. The dessert wines remained dirt cheap and easily accessible- so that suggests that while some people liked them, they were not thought to be at the level of the GGs.

Fast forward over a decade, and I am with you Howard on the Muller-Catoir Rieslaner TBAs. I still have four half bottles left of the extraordinary 1992, but I am planning to drink them up in the next decade because they are not developing any further nor do they show signs that they will do so. Given how magnificently that grape is handled at Muller-Catoir, I would tend to approach any other Rieslaner TBAs with the expectation they will have at least a similar shelf life- which is to say a life span that pales in comparison to that of a well-made Riesling TBA.

The good news is that suggests yours are in a good place Mark- just maybe best consumed over the next 20 years.

2001 was KPs first vintage. I e tried several of the sweet Rieslaners and they are always enjoyable but not of the same level as the Riesling BA/TBA.

I only purchase wines with less than 45 letters in their name, so this one is a pass for me.

If you call it TBA rather than Trockenbeerenauslese will you drink it then?

The closest I ever got to this was a Muller Catoir Rieslaner Auslese. It was at Leo’s house and I think it was the same day that you gave me a glass of 2001 Pavie blind and I called it an over the hill right bank like Simard. The wine was outstanding, but I suspect that depends as much on the winemaker as the grape. Drink it and enjoy.