Keating Wines

Just wanted to give a shout out to anyone who hasn’t tried Keating wines. Not only does he make excellent wines but his customer service goes beyond what is expected. Hopefully he has more offers on Berserker Days.

I’m counting on it!!!

Top notch for years.

My favorite higher end cab QPR by a large margin.

Speaking of, the 2008 GIII Cab is killing it right now.

Should also add that Keating wines are delicious across the board, great juice.

I opened a 2009 GIII the other night and wish I backed up the truck when LB was selling it.

Bought a case of the 2009 GIII in the tasting room. I haven’t opened one for a few years. How’s it doing?

Showing pretty well IMO. Improved on Day 2 but definitely accessible now.