Kauai Champagne & White Burgundy Travelogue; we’re back!

We love sweetsop also.

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Today, we made the round trip hike from Kē’ē Beach to Hanakapi’ai Falls. Long, challenging technical hike today. My wife, who is normally risk adverse, conquered her fears. We hiked the 10+ miles, which included several river crossings hopping rock to rock, and slippery steeps on cliff edges in the June Hawaiian heat. I took a refreshing swim the kicked back a while behind the waterfall.

Gourmet meal on the way back to the condo

I’m chilling right now with one of the worst rental condo water/wine stems, drinking 2011 Larmandier-Bernier VV du Levant. I’ve been praising this wine on the champagne thread since release, and despite the glass, this is the best showing to date. Dense lemon, buttered almond, brioche. A bold BdB with a silky mouthfeel. I have yet to try a 2011 that tops it.


Looks like a great day, Warren.

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He was amazing! That’s one of the best vacation recommendations I’ve ever received. We’re going to go out and see him again Friday night at Johnny’s Wingz and Tingz.



Tonight’s original release 2002 Piper Heidsieck Cuvée Rare was again outstanding. A little less brioche-dense than the later disgorgements, but a gorgeous version. I like both renditions equally. Marybeth prefers this, the less bready one. Lots of creamy lemon and sweet orange. I love this wine.


Hi again Warren,

Aldrine is a special talent and I am blessed to spread the news of his talents. I am glad that you enjoyed his performance and will see him again! It feels great to be able to add a special experience to the fantastic adventures and food/wine experiences that you are having in Kauai, such a special place!

Thanks for sharing this thread will all of us. I have really been enjoying it!

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The Warren Travelogue is an annual favorite! Or semi-annual, I can’t keep track, but I love it each time!

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Tonight’s Egly-Ouriet Blanc de Noirs Les Crayères VV was on another level. Orange, apricot, dark berries, ginger, cinnamon, chalk. Something different arose each time I focused. We drank this in a beautiful setting; Plantation House at Gaylords.


Some photos from the day


looks familiar :wink:

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We’re heading out for the Waimea Canyon loop, up Waimea Canyon Road and looping back on Koke’s Road. We’ll probably take a long Beach walk first to burn off some Kalua pork Loco Moco.

What fun, Warren. I love reading your notes and seeing the action.

How was the music and what genre was it?

Hawaiian original ukulele music, and rocking covers with an Island interpretation. I’d post videos if I knew how.

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Last night, we walked back across the street from our condo to Naisla Kitchen for dinner. I carried a 2009 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvée. Laurent Champs crafts some of my favorite champagnes. This Chardonnay-dominated blend has evolve, showcasing the generosity of the vintage. Bold, dense flavors; complex and balanced.
Atypically for the vintage, some of my earlier bottles were shut down. To my palate, the CdC always needs time in the cellar to show its best. The 2009 has blossomed into a gem.

As always, we started the day with a long beach walk. We then joined a friend I know from heliskiing for a great lunch in Old Koloa. We then drove the Waimea Canyon loop. In my book, it’s one of the ranked natural wonders of the world. While the top viewpoint was socked in with clouds, we still had some beautiful views at the many stops we made.


Sadly, it’s our last night with a flight out in the morning. No new wines to report. I’m finishing the remaining Larmandier Bernier I had corked and refrigerated a few days ago. Still quite good.
Today, we found another secluded beach. Just a few miles from us, with a beautiful hike from an unmarked parking lot off the road. Paliku Beach is a new favorite.

For some food related advice: I’ve always complained that the only chocolate covered macadamia nuts I’ve ever found were ruined by crappy chocolate. I found two companies whose products are amazing. Here are some photos:

Every restaurant welcomed corkage. The prices ranged from $15-$20; a steal, in my mind. All of our wines showed really well.

If I’m agnostic, can I still acknowledge that I feel blessed? I’m deeply grateful for the experiences and opportunities that have come our way. Anything further will be a welcomed gift. We’ll try to make the most of each new adventure.

With this post, I bid you all and the beautiful island of Kauai a fond farewell. Until next time…