Kapcsandy Magnum offer

Anyone else biting?

I couldn’t resist the 2006 Roberta’s. I have been significantly reducing the amount of domestic wine that I purchase. Kapcsandy, however, still makes the cut.

For some odd reason I wan’t offered any magnums…

If you or anyone else is interested in my allocation (haha, me, of all people with an allocation), let me know. List price + shipping + $5.00. [wink.gif]


All that I would want is the 100 pointer.

Sold out…

What are the prices? I found it hard to believe that they wouldn’t put the prices in the email…figured it was one of those if you have to ask situations?

06 estate cuvee $250/mag $115/btl
06 Cabernet $385/mag $185/btl
06 Roberta’s Reserve $375/mag

07 Estate cuvee $125/btl $62.50/half