This may be destined to be a short thread, but since I found only one cocktail-related post about it, I thought I would offer a short PSA.

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I was gifted a bottle of Kaoliang (a sorghum-based Taiwanese liquor) from a friend in Taiwan. My understanding is that there are two common strengths, 38% and 58% alcohol. Mine is the weaker one.

I tasted it by itself and it reminded me most of Rhum Agricole. I made a cocktail as follows:

Juice of 1/2 lemon
1.5 shot Kaoliang
0.75 shot Yuzuri (Yuzu liqueur)
Orange bitters
Yuzu bitters

I just mixed it over a large ice cube. This worked out quite well. Yuzuri isn’t super sweet so the balance was pretty good. I might use less of a sweeter liqueur.