K&L Wines to Start Conducting Auctions


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Thanks. I’d participate in a KL auction.

Wow, that could be pretty cool if they can get some critical mass of consignments. WineBid will have to look out.

No buyer’s premium, if I recall correctly.


11 lots

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Its been going on for a week now. I bid on some of their stuff but it’s pretty competitive.

Lots of potential if they do it correctly.

Wow. Who’d have thought K&L would get into the auction business before MyWines was operational?

Cool! I’l keep and eye on this. I wolud buy auction stuff from K&L.

What is MyWines? newhere

Bought from K&L quite a lot when I lived in SF. The fact that they cannot ship to the state of Washington has put a large (total) damper on our relationship.

Not sure if auction fulfillment would be any different, the web site seems mute on this point.

On MyWines - maybe in a few weeks when we get into 2011, they will finally update, or remove the eBob page promising delivery in 2009.

I buy from them ALL the time (live in Sammamish)

They have a strong reputation. Hope auctioning doesn’t change that - it seems like the auction approach opens the door to a number of variable outside the control of the selling entity.

Yup, me too. I was hoping this would fly under the radar for a week or two. It quite obviously has not.

I would definitely buy from K&L’s auctions. Seems like a potential hit!

Jim, I believe they will not ship to storage facilities in WA. You may have better luck shipping to your home or office.

It’s true they did offer to ship to my home address (not practical for me) back in 2009.
However, for current information, I was just going by what is says here…

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Maybe this is just for ‘show’ and they really just ship anyway? [scratch.gif]
Or I guess if you call them then its not an ‘internet order’ and they ship?

Anyway, hasn’t been an issue since I have rarely seen anything at K&L that I can’t get other places. The auction lots seem pretty small so far, but if it takes off I guess my interest could be revived.

It looks like they are stil in Beta testing of it. I couldn’t find any rules, such as buyers premium, etc. regarding the auctions…or maybe I just didn’t look in the right place.

Such information would (should?) be found in the “Terms and Conditions” that one is “required” to read and agree to before placing any bids. I read through these “Terms and Conditions” and no mention was made of any buyer’s premium, therefore I can’t see how K&L could enforce such a premium after-the-fact.

I’m fairly confident there’s no buyer’s premium. I thought I had seen a FAQ page that addressed that issue.