K&L Hacked?

Site is down and I’ve seen similar server responses when a DDOS occurs. Hope it is maintenance but hoping someone with authority can put us at ease.

This is the beginning of the long threatened Soviet cyberwar against WB because of all the UK emoji people have been displaying.

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No, just a special military operation.

I noticed this too. I figured it was Amex saving me from myself.

Time to buy bitcoin.

Up and running now

Someone beat me to the Domaine Coche-Dury Meursault “Les Rougeots” for $849.99. Had it in my cart [soap.gif]

Sorry Joel but you gotta be quicker on the draw. No Coche for you!

LOL, the reason why I placed this here is because the K&L website was offline since last night and this morning. I regularly checked as there was an item I was following in the auction and it was still ongoing. It was strange because the auction direct links (link from email when you add to watchlist an auction) still worked even though the main website was offline. Anyway the main website finally went back online and I checked the real-time feed and I saw the Coche Rougeots, it was still available as the website just got back online, but when I added it my cart, there was a stock error, went back to the feed and it was already out of stock. I guess someone was faster than me (by seconds I assume), c’est la vie.