Just say "No" to this advert

Where’s our buddy Joe B? [wink.gif]

Wasn’t “90 point Wines” the label that sold leftover name-brand wines at discount without saying what they were beyond some generic description? Or have I got the name wrong?

Just say “No” to this advert


Here’s the article masquerading ad online. Sponsored by Louis Martini, Bridlewood, etc.

How could Gallo’s PR forget to include Hearty Burgundy in the list?

Caveat Emptor, man. If you can’t see the text that says Special Advertising Feature and you take it for journalism… well, then, the ad has done the very job it was intended to do. Honestly, though, I don’t think this particular crowd is the intended audience.

You’re right.
My objection to this is more from my life as a former reporter, less so as a wine nerd.
If this leads some unsuspecting Journal reader to buy a bottle of Louis Martini Cab, well whatever, they’ll probably actually enjoy it.

I’m not against the ad, per se. I’m against the first three sentences after the headline.

Suprised that the WSJ took the ad in light of “their” wine club.

Here I am. And I am not buying it.

Already covered this mess.

Again, true, but this sentence…

“Without question, 90 points is a professional endorsement that guarantees quality”.

…I still find laughable