June RhoneRangers Event

They’ve put up the Seminars on the RhoneRangers WebSite for the June 9-10 event/tasting:

I’ll be attending.

Seminar 1 - And Now For Something Completely Different: The New Wave of Single-Variety Rhone Wines 11am-12pm - $125

If you drink Rhone reds, you’ve probably tasted a smidge of Counoise in a blend here and there. But to taste it on its own, you’re better off looking to the Rhone Rangers, who are now making single-variety wines from grapes that rarely get single billing in the Rhone itself. This panel, moderated by Luke Sykora—the California critic for Wine & Spirits Magazine—will explore lesser-known Rhone varieties like Counoise, Carignan and Picpoul, all of which are on the rise in California, making nuanced, food-friendly, exciting wines.

Seminar 2 - The Pioneers of Rhone Rangers: 1-2pm - $125

This invite-only seminar will be a fun and lively discussion of how a small group of vanguard grape farmers transformed what began as fence line discussions about growing Rhone grapes 20 years ago into a full-fledged movement that has forever changed the American wine landscape and continues to shape its future. Panelists include Patrick Comiskey, author of American Rhone: How Maverick Winemakers Changed the Way Americans Drink and founding members of the Rhone Rangers.

Seminar 3 - Rhone Rosé: The Pinnacle of Pink: 3-4pm - $125

This seminar will underscore a truth that, according to wine writer Alder Yarrow, is self evident: Rhone grape varieties make the best rosé wine in the world. The Rhone Rangers are leading a revolution in pink wines with rosé amde from Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Carignan and Cousoise - in addition to blended wines that often include white Rhone grapes. Join Alder and our handpicked group of Rhone Ranger winemakers as they share the secrets and the flavors of some of the most complex and versatile wines on the planet.

Did anyone attend the Rhône Rangers event? I would like to hear about the first seminar, primarily. Obviously any reflections on the gathering would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Yup, Drew. See KenZinn’s post below: