June dinner in Oregon

A Copper River salmon filet, some grilled asparagus, rice, and another bottle of '07 Cameron Willamette Valley Pinot… with some sweet-tart Royal Anne cherries for dessert.

Grilled the salmon on a cedar plank with a brown sugar/garlic/lime glaze. I love how forgiving the plank method of grilling is, and how aromatic and moist the resulting product. Grilled asparagus with EVOO and kosher salt, another easily prepared and delicious presentation. I’m going to go all heretical here and say that in my opinion, Copper River salmon is a monstrous scam perpetrated on the public - it’s just fine, but nowhere near worthy of its price. Any sockeye or chinook (also known as reds and kings) can be equally delectable.

Still, sitting here swirling the remains of my wine, I can’t complain. Food-wise, it doesn’t get a lot better here in Oregon.

I LOVE the results of cedar plank grilling with salmon, but for some reason, have such a hard time destroying a cedar plank in the process. The fish ends up so delicious, even as leftovers (if any exist), but I mourn the loss of this burned up piece of wood…

The last time I posted that I glazed my salmon with ANYTHING, I was reprimanded broadly, so I’d keep that on the down low. I believe your wife was one of them…

Peter’s Rose of Pinot Grigio would have been a kickin’ accompaniment to that meal, particularly with the green stuff, but it seems like you nailed it either way.

Was Melissa at this dinner also, as you refer to ‘your wine’, or did she just have her own wine, and have to sit at the kids’ table?

Oh, it’s unlikely I reprimanded you for anything you did to your fish!

While the men of our household dined at a proper hour on copper river king salmon and Pinot Noir, the ladies had gymnastics obligations and feasted on a late dinner, straight from the box, of generic take-out pizza.

And what is this rosé of Pinot Grigio, sensei?

have you used the cedar planks from Costco? You can use it a couple of times if not on direct heat (probably even twice with a direct heat)

Peter Cargasacchi makes a Rose of Pinot Grigio in the Point Concepcion label and it kicks SO much ass with asparagus - guess it kicks assparagus, then, har har har

I know asparagus is supposed to be impossible to pair with wine, but in my experience if it’s fresh and simply prepared (stirfried or grilled) it doesn’t destroy a wine. I can imagine red, white, and rose pairings that would work with asparagus.

None of them are an antidote later on, however, to the dreaded asparagus pee.