Julius Peppers Is A Baller . . . With Marginal Taste In Champagne!

He bought 25 bottles of Champagne for his closest friends after signing with da Bears . . .

http://leisureblogs.chicagotribune.com/about-last-night/2010/03/julius-peppers-buys-25-bottles-of-champagne-for-club-patrons-at-crescendo.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

PJ Flower is still better than those oxidized Taittinger Artist Series bottles I sold to Manny Ramirez when he was in Boston… [wink.gif]

PJ Fleur will always have baller status. I’ve been seeing it popped in MIA for 5+ years.

I’m appalled that he paid $350 each. That said, have you considered that perhaps the restaurant didn’t have 25 bottles of anything else? I can just see it now. “I’ll have 25 bottles of Bollinger RD (or Pol Roger WC), please.” Don’t think so.

Why does he have to buy 25 bottles of the same thing?

Dunno. Why do?

This is where I chime in with the obligatory. I don’t give a rats ass what he drinks as long as he posts more than 25 sacks over the next 6 years…


4.1667 sacks a year is’t a lot.


Two great seasons, or so, and several forgettable ones…I don’t get it.

he had 6 seasons out of 8 with 10+ sacks with a whole bunch of tackles to go along with it. Isn’t too often a 6’7 300 lb dude with a 4.7 40 gets on the market.

Also, I was at a club where the Vueve yellow label was $400. That was an atrocity.