Jules Desjourneys

Had a bottle of the 2007 Fleurie a few weeks ago that was highly enjoyable and also appreciated by fellow Wineaux.

Wine-Searcher only shows a few old vintages around and nothing past 2009. Who is bringing this wine in? What’s the story here? BoJo fans, talk to me!

No national importer that I know of. I typically buy my Desjourneys from Rob Panzer at downtoearthwines.net.

Desjourneys is French for “overpriced”.

Unfortunately I would have to agree. I would say there are plenty of other producers out there - Anne Sophie Dubois or example - that are much better for half the price.

Current importer is DNS selections/T. Elenteny Imports.

Anne Sophie is hit or miss for me. Desjourneys always hits (especially in the wallet).

And AFAIK the 09s are the current releases in the U.S.

The wines are good, but there are decent 1er Cru burgs at that $50-60 pricepoint. And 1er Cru burgundy it ain’t.

EDIT: Put differently, the current vintage is more expensive than 2014 Grand Puy Lacoste, and I mean really.