Joseph Swan -- Anyone a member of the wine club?

Anyone here a member of Joseph Swan’s wine club?

If so, would you share your experience?

I used to be and thought they did a nice job. If you like the wine then the club had good pricing and library releases as well. The release letters and Sonoma History from Rod was also very interesting. If you like Swan then it’s a great way to source the wines.

I cut back on many of my Cali Pinot’s so dropped the list. The Syrah’s are a screaming value and usually not seen at retail on the east coast.

Bottom line, good service, lots of choices and attractive prices. Maybe Bedrock model took a few pages from them…

Not the most positive experience I have ever had with a wine club. In fact I stopped after a year, and I believe that’s the only time I have ever done that.

They are not bad, but let’s just say they are better set up as wine makers than business people.

Loved it! An incredible value but I just don’t have a need for any more wine, especially Cali.