Jonathan Gold's 99 things to eat in LA....EPIC!

Jonathan is our local John the Baptist of food, crying out in the wilderness for you to (mostly) get the hell out of the swank joints and find the REAL food (and he has a Pulitzer for doing so)." onclick=";return false;

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thanks for posting, roberto. i will print this out and use it for ideas of where to eat over the next few years (and beyond!?!)

Thanks for posting this. Only about 30% of the list is vegetarian, [beee.gif] but we’ll have to make our way through those items. This is the second time today I heard about Bulgarini Gelato. I think that one will have to be the first one to try!

Well Poppy, probably less than 30% of the population is vegetarian so you guys are over represented…I am going to sue for an adjustment.

30% seems a pretty good percentage to me.

… jus sayin’

Probably 90% of that 30% is desserts… so there. [soap.gif]

Then we are right on target!!! I say let them have their beef and eat it too… [dance-clap.gif]

If you live in the LA area and don’t own J Gold’s book “Counter Intelligence”, run out and buy it!

Bulgarini is awesome. In the summer he hosts movie night in the courtyard outside the shop, with a pasta dinner, gelato and an old (usually Italian) movie projected on a wall. Really fun. In fact, might make a cool place for an OL…

There’s a gelato thread on eBob and Tom Altmayer said he’d put together an offline there in the summer!

Cool beans. In the meantime, it’s worth a visit to try the Fig-Prosecco gelato…

I agree with the Luna Oysters, less than a buck an oyster. Really delicious stuff.

Fosselmans > Bulgarini when i’m looking for a tasty iced treat.

Well, it’s kinda two different things, and we eat waaaay more Fosselmans than Bulgarini (especially since F is < a mile from our house), but yeah, Fosselmans is another one of those reasons why it’s great to live in LA.

Most people give me a funny look when I say this – I think it might be a midwest thing. Where’d you grow up, Ken?

they just had a coffee cookie ice cream last week that was soooooo good.

Haven’t yet… [tease.gif]

Born in CT, but grew up mainly in SoCal. Can’t remember where I picked it up, but I say it alot.

Thanks for the post…I shot this to a friend in LA.