Jolie Laide Wines, Some Very Good News!

Ordered the Jolie Laide wines from the Fall release in September and besides the shipping information for in state and out of state there was a “pick up” option as there usually is with Jolie Laide and owner-winemaker Scott Schultz. The pick up option at the time of ordering simply said “details on place to follow”. Yesterday I received an email saying that the Fall Pick Up will be at Idlewild Wines Tasting Room in downtown Healdsburg. Along with that info was Scott saying that he will also be having a Jolie Laide Tasting Room in the Idlewild building in the near future! Fantastic news as Jolie Laide never had a tasting room, wines were only available to taste at the pick up.

So we now have (or will soon) three awesome tasting experiences in the Idlewild Tasting Room. Idlewild Wines, Piedmont varieties grown in Northern California, Jolie Laide Wines, Melon de Bourgogne, Pinot Gris, Trousseau, Grenache, Syrah etc etc. and Ruth Lewandowski Wine, the eclectic line up of Natural wines from Evan Lewandowski.
Can’t wait for all this to be completed and ready to go! Here is the email from Scott with the details.

"Dearest friends! You have been so missed! Big apologies for the delay in communication, this has been a bruiser of a harvest and we’re still not done! The chaos is waning, tanks are being emptied and barrels are getting filled- on to the next stage.

We are finally in a place where we can think about something other than grapes. We have been going through the orders in preparation of this email and dammit it warms, better- melts our hearts to see so many friend’s names and faces on the list of boxes we need to prepare. Literally nothing could better get us over this last hump of harvest.

We were hoping to unveil a new shared tasting space with a pickup event but harvest, construction and licensing delays have all gotten the better of us. We love a good party but we unfortunately have to postpone that for another time. Details soon to come when things get closer. WE WILL PARTY WHEN ITS READY!

For now- we are making your Fall Release order available for pickup at Idlewild Wines in downtown Healdsburg. I am confident you all know Idlewild - amazing people, killer wines and as you may have guessed the future home where Jolie-Laide will also be doing tastings in the future. It would go without saying if you don’t know them and are picking up your wines or spending time in Healdsburg you should taste with the Idlewild team. An easy link to get you their reservation system here. They are appointment only for the most part so please do make plans in advance- it’s definitely worth it. We look forward to being able to share our own wines there in the future.

For now- simply reply back to this email address ( with a requested pickup day and we will be sure to have your orders packed up and ready for you. We humbly request that you let us know when you are actually coming with at least 24-hour advanced notice. To be kind to our host roommates, we don’t want to clutter needed areas with wines that aren’t being picked up in the near future, so we will pack and drop your order off at Idlewild only after we confirm a date and time from you."

*please note Idlewild’s hours are Wednesday - Sunday 11am - 4pm

Idlewild Wines
132 Plaza Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448

We are always humbled and thankful for your support and very much looking forward to the time when we can throw a real party!

All our best,
Scott & Jenny

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Got that email Friday. Very cool.

looks like tasting room having issues and selling some of the wines they held back, grabbed some halcon and hawkes butte missed out on during original offering.

Great news. Always wanted to taste through their wines and had been meaning to stop by Idlewild anyway…

from their email

As you may have heard, we were hoping to unveil our new shared tasting room space with our dear friends at Idlewild Wines this August, but licensing woes and bureaucratic red tape persists so we are still not quite legal to host you - YET! That being said - we intentionally held back some wines but since we are not there yet, we feel it time to let the wines shine in your homes and hearts. With the holidays in mind, we are re-releasing many of our benchmark wines in small quantities. So if you missed any of the releases, are looking for gifts, or purely to up your own holiday joy- we have the wines for you. As always, we deeply appreciate the support and look forward to being a part of your holidays in spirit.

can’t imagine tasting room opening soon if they’re selling off the stuff they held back for it.

Picked up the Grenache and Gamay that I had been shut out of.

Going to Healdsburg on Saturday, will see if I can get a read on the Tasting Room opening date.


Thanks for this. I was late to open my email and missed the Syrah on release. Was able to load that, the Grenache and Gamay Noir.

Yeah I did the same thing, picked up both Syrah’s, Gamay, Pinot Gris and Grenache immediately when got the email

Looking for some advice-
Just got my first Jolie Laide bottles (weather hold!!), a current vintage mixture of:
-Shake Ridge GSM
-Halcon vineyard Syrah
-Trousseau Gris
-Trousseau Noir/Cab Pfeffer/Gamay

What’s ready to go? Enjoyable right away?
Anything I should wait on?

I’m already planning to let the Syrah sit for awhile, leaner syrahs I prefer with more bottle age than a riper Syrah, but would still love to hear anyone’s experience with it.
Any input is much appreciated.

Hey Tom, just saw this. Welcome to Jolie Laide, some of my favorite wines.

Of the four you mention the Trousseau Gris is a great example of what Scott can do. Three days on skins makes all the difference. Floral, lots of stone fruit and nice acidity and texture.

The blend surprised me, was expecting a big wine but instead it’s a highly perfumed complex blend, medium body and it reminds me a bit of a high quality Pinot Noir.

You can age the other two wines a bit, if you get curious put a long decant on the GSM and it will likely be young but approachable. Save the Halcon for a few years.

Enjoy and let us know what you think.


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Mine are piled in the cellar until I get racking installed. No chance to taste yet.

I love the pinot gris, but not a buyer when its $40+ with shipping included :frowning:

I see this just claims “California”. Anyone know what vineyards these are sourced from?

Wes, no specific vineyards that I know of, here is the summary of the wine from the Fall release

“Likely the most “Outré Vin” in the lineup. While most of you are familiar with Trousseau Noir, there is a plot twist - what was once thought for 40 years to be Trousseau Noir deep in the Cienega Valley is being identified as Mourtaou- known locally as Cabernet Pfeffer. It’s a light and spicy red variety very similar to Trousseau - hence the confusion but DNA testing these days is opening our knowledge horizon. This is one of the most unique and maybe one of the most rare varieties in California and we are excited to be a part of the history moving forward. Emerging from several risk-taking vineyards dotted abound Northern California this takes a general California wine designation, but be clear, you would not blind this as “California”. Fermented partially carbonic for brightness and all whole cluster adds to the complex spice aromas. Delicate and lean, mineral-driven, tart pomegranate, raspberry and rose hip scented with incense and tobacco.”


My guess would be Enz.

Siletto has all three, so that was my guess before looking up the wine on CT (which has a label pic confirming the data entry). The blurb above alludes to the Cab Pfeffer coming from at least one of the San Benito sources. (Btw, Ser has made single vineyard Cab Pfeffer from each of three San Benito vineyards. Tessier just released on from Siletto - which I purchased from K&L)

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Had the Trousseau Noir/ Cabernet Pfeffer/ Gamay blend tonight. Nice pairing with paella.
Very light colored wine, almost thin looking.
Pretty aromatics, floral.
Upfront fruit, fruit-punch like. First sip immediately after opening was a bit sour but smoothed out after 15 minutes. Pomegranate, strawberry, cranberry & pepper. After 30 mins the finish took on some minerally tannins, in a good way giving it more body.
Easy to drink wine, plus acid, great with salad & paella. Would have guessed this was a light Beaujolais.