Joe Donelan/Pax Email

Just received a email from Joe. He is offering verticals from different Pax Vineyards. Must buy at least 2. Email offer only

Cuvee Christine

Cuvee Christine strikes a balance between “new world” syrahs with more fruit and richness while still retaining some of the classic “old world” savory elements of Syrah.

2004 (Parker score 90) $45.00 each / magnums $90.00 each

2005 (Parker score 95) $45.00 each

2006 (NR) $30.00 each / magnums $60.00 each

2007 (Parker score 92) $30.00 each / magnums $65.00 each

2008 (Parker score 90-93) $45.00 each / magnums $115.00 each

Cuvee Keltie

The defining elements of Keltie arise from sites heavily influenced by cool breezes in western Sonoma county, and characteristic of north coast wines, providing herb and spice flavors in addition to acidity, or from very low vigor hillside sites that provide concentration, depth, and structure.

2005 (NR) $65.00 each / magnum $155.00 each

2006 (Parker score 94) $65.00 each / magnum $155.00 each

2008 (NR) $65.00 each

Cuvee Moriah

Inspired by the wines of Chateauneuf du Pape, the small southern Rhone region producing predominately Grenache-based wines, the core of Moriah is 65-80% Grenache sourced from the cool Dry Stack Vineyard in Bennett Valley.

2004 (Parker score 92-94) $40.00 each / magnums $85.00 each

2005 (Parker score 92) magnums only / magnums $85.00 each

2006 (Parker score 86) $30.00 each / magnums $60.00 each

2007 (Parker score 90) $30.00 each / magnums $65.00 each

2008 (Parker score 91) $40.00 each / magnums $105.00 each

Kobler Family Vineyard

Kobler is a wonderful example of why we produce single vineyard wines: a complete wine with incredible distinction amongst its peers and a superb Russian River wine.

2004 (Parker score 90+) $45.00 each / magnums $95.00 each

2006 (Parker score 91) $36.00 each / magnums $72.00 each

2007 (NR) $36.00 each / magnums $72.00 each

2008 (NR) $45.00 each / magnums $115.00 each

Richard’s Family Vineyard

The epitome of how great grapes and patience reward the winemaker. One our most outstanding wines.

2006 (Parker score 96-98) $90.00 each

2007 (NR) $90.00 each

Griffin’s Lair Vineyard

Griffin’s Lair’s unique terroir is driven by the steady winds that pour from the Pacific Ocean through the Petaluma wine gap. Layered with complexity that is difficult to deconstruct and revealed only with patience (i.e. subtle), this is a tremendous wine.

2006 (Parker score 93) magnums only $90.00 each
2008 (Parker score 95-97) $45.00 each

Walker Vine Hill Vineyard
Each year Walker Vine Hill wines evoke the color blue, over and over again. Pure plums and blueberry provide a dark “blue” core for other components like smoke and flint to complement. The aromatics are enticing, seductive, and have tremendous purity. A silky smooth wine with a broad, succulent palate and texture.

2005 (Parker score 94) magnums only $95.00 each

2006 (Parker score 93) $33.00 each / magnums $91.00 each
2007 (Parker Score 93) $33.00 each / magnums $91.00 each

2008 (Parker score 94-97) $45.00 each / magnums $115.00 each

Obsidian Vineyard

Intense savory aromas of grilled meat, tobacco, wet stones, and lavender all laid over a foundation of intense blackberry and cherry. This is a big wine that is nothing less than exactly what the site “wants” to produce: mineral driven, dense, chewy, savory, and fruity wine. The kitchen sink: or in other words, Obsidian terroir! Drink now or hold this incredible wine, if you can, for 10 to 15 years.

2006 (Parker score 96) $75.00 each / magnums $175.00 each

2007 (Parker score 94) $75.00 each / magnums $175.00 each


Roussanne from Bennett Valley is blended with three tiny Viognier plantings from the Sonoma Coast. The Roussanne is rich and luxurious on the palate while the Viognier brings cut and definition.

2006 (NR) $30.00 each,

2007 (NR) $30.00 each / magnums $75.00 each

2008 (Parker score 94) $45.00 each / magnums $115.00 each

must buy two bottles or two verts?

$30 for the venus is a deal, nice wine when I tasted it last

2 bottles

i also got the mailing and didn’t see what the shipping charges were. last time i communicated with joe, he was quoting $50/case.

For a while it was free.

Sounds reasonable.