Jo Landron Muscadet and Jadot Bojo

Drank the following wines this weekend. Some impressions:

2012 Jo Landron Domaine de la Louveterie Fief Breuil, Muscadet
I met Jo at his Domaine a few years ago. Passionate, personable and very likeable…not to mention really enjoying the wines. This is typically my favorite bottling, year in-and-out. The acidity seemed a little more subdued than some vintages. Nice depth of flavor with expressive citrus, crystalline rock and a rich texture. Great purity with a Burg-like mouthfeel and moderate length. This has many years of life ahead competing well with the Pepiere Clisson…perhaps a little less intense. Excellent use of $19.

2014 Jo Landron Amphibolite, Muscadet
This has become our go to by-the-case White, competing very well with the Pepiere Briords. Energetic, bright and immediately pleasing. Minerally citrus fruit with clean precise lines. It worked beautifully with cheese snacks and a seafood appetizer. How many QPR wines make you smile just thinking about them? It’s a bottled version of a cool sunny Summer morning at the beach. Might go through a case before September. $16 and worth every penny.

2005 Lous Jadot Moulin-a-Vent Grand Carquelin
Three remaining in the cellar so figured I’d peek. We drink a LOT of Beaujolais in this house. The 2013 Michel Tete Julienas is a current house fav along with all kinds of Brun, Burgaud, Chamonard, Lapierre, Roilette, Thivin, Vissoux…the list is long. The style of this MaV is a dramatic contrast. I tasted it blind a few years ago and would’ve sworn it was Bordeaux. Same impression with this one. Something about the wood treatment? Can’t put my finger on it…but honestly, if a Bordeaux is desired…that’s what I’ll open. Nevertheless, it’s well balanced and tasty. There’s plenty of life and it’s maturing nicely. For those who want a different take on Gamay, here’s a poster child.


I love Landron’s stuff, met him in Portland a few years ago at a dinner. I have a couple aging in the cellar although we drink most of it young.

Thanks for the reminder to go down to E & R to fill up again.

“In Muscadet we trust”.



I had Landron’s les Houx bottling for the first time recently. It was very, very good. I typically buy a ton of Pepiere and occasionally some other things, but that bottle made me think some of my muscadet drinking should involve more Landron wines.


Thanks Richard for the heads up on the 14!

I like Jo’s wines a lot too. Great QPR.
I met him in Atlanta at a wine dinner. Although Jo and I were not at the same table, I was seated next to his left mustache! [basic-smile.gif]

I agree, and I have finally concluded after tasting several older Jadot M-A-Vs that I do not like the Jadot style in Beaujolais. Too much wood (I assume), or that is what it tastes like to me. Just had another 2007 of one of the single vineyards the other night and the way they raise this wine ruins the ethereal beauty of the Gamay grape to my tastes. They are off my buy list.

That t-shirt, however…I want one.