JJ Prum Question

I ordered some middle aged Prum wines on Winebid and have a question. As advertised they had a # at the end that I was thinking was an auction number but I don’t see any corresponding numbers on the bottle. Can someone help explain?

Back label?


Long answer: German AP Numbers

Short answer: For JJ Prum, you don’t really need to worry about them.


Back label second to last set of 2 numbers.

13 09

That’s #13, harvested in 08 and bottled in 09.

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I believe the different bottlins can vary quite a bit so check with the experts. Not that any would not be v good lol.

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Ok I get it now thanks for the help!. But what do the numbers mean? At there 13 different bottling a from the same vineyard and vintage? Different plots or batches?

Each wine must go through a review process. The next to last two digits are the sequence of the wines for that producer. Each different bottling gets a different number. Could be one wine from a given vineyard or 725 wines from a vineyard.

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Not sure what you mean with " they had a # at the end that I was thinking was an auction number"?

If your question is, if they were JJ Prüm goldcap auction wines then the answer to the best of my knowledge is NO; normally JJP auction wines will have a number >=20 (AP 2 576 511 XX YY)

Whereas 2 576 511 stands for the producer’s ID, XX is 2 digits with the Fuder number (wines ID) and YY is the year when the wine has been released (not the wines Vintage).

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The auction he’s referencing is Winebid where he bought the bottles. He thought it might be a Winebid auction number.

Not guaranteed it was harvested in 08. The 09 is the year the wine was submitted to the wine authorities for validation. Prüm releases its wine in batches, so the same wine can have multiple different AP numbers.


Very helpful thanks y’all!