Jim Richards is gone

For those of you familiar with Paloma wines, Jim died last night after a long battle with cancer.
A true “gentle” man.
Best, Jim

I heard that sad news earlier today, Jim. Although I never visited Paloma, I always looked forward to chatting with Jim & Barbara and tasting their wine when they poured at the SF Family Winemakers’ event. From my brief interactions with Jim, he was indeed a true gentleman and will be missed. My condolences to Barbara and the family.

I always thougth that Jim and Barbara represented the best of what the wine industry is and should be about. That’s why I was so happy when Wine Spectator gave them the wine of the year award. Despite that award, they never changed, staying the same humble people they always were.

A very sad day.

I remember how many people were truly happy for them when they got WOTY.
I believe it is accurate to say that they loved being grape growers and wine makers and that they continued to do it, even into advanced age, because they could share it.
A motivation that is not lost on me.
Best, Jim

This is sad news. I’m very sorry to hear it even though I never met him. I certainly know of his wines.

Hard sometimes to figure out how God decides who to take. They’re a whole bunch of people I’d recommend go before some we’ve lost this last year - if my opinion were solicited. Probably open a '98 Paloma Merlot tonight and drink a toast to Jim’s memory.