Jesus de Madrazo Mateo Resigned.

For those who appreciate the wines of Bodegas Contino, Jesus de Madrazo has, for various reasons he hasn’t elaborated, already resigned from Contino/CVNE (since 5th July, actually; but was authorized to announce the same only by the 21st). Over the past several days, I’ve seen on his Facebook page messages from friends wishing him well in his new stage. I’m curious why he resigned; but hesitate to ask him. I figure he’ll give his reasons in his own time.

Great winemaker and a good friend. Wish him well.

Ditto. Good guy.

Yes, I spent a day at Contino tasting with him and having lunch some years ago, during which he shared, among others, a 1974 Contino Reserva (a wine made made by his father, during his watch). I recall lamenting to him that my birthyear was so bad wine-wise (1965) - to which he replied that we are the same; but were conceived in 1964, so we can also claim that excellent Rioja vintage as ours. Great fellow, and, as you said, a great winemaker.