Jay Miller tastes blind?

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I mean, come on, the amount of bullshit that is spewing…

Last year…
Why don’t you taste blind?

It’s just not practical for the number of wines I taste per session. I taste by producer, and go through line by line, which is more efficient for making my notes.

Now, today…

Whenever I have a large tasting of collected samples from a given region, I will be tasting them single-blind.

I will be tasting them single blind…

Oh, “However” is the next word

Which is like Parker saying I taste blind whenever possible…

Sorry, to those I offend.

I hate liars.


Why do you stalk him so?

Did you lose a ton of his overinflated Aussie wines?

He farts over there and you describe the stink here.

Slow work day…blizzard coming

Anyways, that discussion, with or without his comments, is interesting. Wish I could vote. newhere

Ed, why do you open the thread to smell the farts? [pillow-fight.gif]

I don’t know anything about wine, but I heard people were farting in here. grouphug

Rofl Steve

It’s better than having Dan post silliness about football. neener

I took Jay to mean he is starting a new protocol.

right [rofl.gif]

Funny - he should be barred by Parker from posting period but here’s my take.

He claims to spend a large amount of time visiting wineries? Where? In Spain he admitted he visited 1 or 2 and the rest of his Spanish tastings were done while doing a) gorging on food at El Bulli and b) in Baltimore at his favorite restaurant with his hand picked favorited importers.

In Chile and Argentina we don’t have information that he visited lots of wineries. We do know that he did some 500 wines per day in mass tastings after massive food/wine fests the nights before.

In Australia, we know he floated around on a house boat with his favorite importers…did he visit many wineries there?

In Oregon and WA, he admitted he didn’t know much about the regions but he would visit and learn as much as he could. Then he tasted some wines and bestowed huge points and ridiculous drinking windows on some wines…

He doesn’t taste single blind very often just as he isn’t busy visiting wineries. He even says in the post that he is busy tasting wines of certain importers. In other words, nothing has changed for Jay “Big Points” Miller


Have no fear, I posted some more facts over in football talk.


Thank you for connecting the dots. That is basically what I was getting at as well.

And do not forget, no sherry coverage in 2010, because he has said he is just too busy.

You know, it would just be so fun to see DrBigJ and Dan Posner sitting at the same table in person, debating this etc. Man what I would pay to see an actual human encounter. Separately, it sure smells like farts in here, gotta run.

I am picking up a really strong note of brett here…oh wait…no…Posner just farted…dang it Dan [truce.gif]

Well, Eric, I know Jay would take your payment! neener

Good thing I am not on facebook, right?

Wrong Jay, wrong Dan. Serge, you are lucky to have a unique name…

You could make a fortune selling tickets to that!

You could probably make more at the steel cage match version of the encounter…

Could be interesting. Daniel is taller and younger, but I have a feeling that Dr. Jay is a biter.

Daniel, don’t get in that cage till you know he’s had his shots!

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is that picture of you from the 1930s?

No, the 60s. OK, early 60s.