japanese restaurant rec between Wine expo and UCLA?

Looking for lunch spot on the way back to UCLA after visiting Roberto. Will probably pass 50 of them, but which one?

You’d be taking a slight detour as most of the restaurants are on Sawtelle but Tsujita Ramen is on sawtelle. One of the most famous ones in LA.

Tsujita is great for what it is, an inexpensive crowded noodle-house. If you go there or elsewhere on Sawtelle, consider a dessert shave ice from Blockheads. I will say that I am not a sushi expert. My fave Japanese place in that area is Nanbankan which is a yakitori place which has sushi and some other items. But I have never been for lunch and don’t know if they are even open. If I were looking sushi, I’d say Sasabune, Echigo (a good value), or Sugarfish (by the Nazi). Takao is a pricier spot but has some non-sushi items too. If it were a business or someone else’s dime thing, maybe Hamasaku which again is sushi and other items.

Sushi mori if you wanna go balla. I know you are a big balla Phil :wink:

For sushi in that area, I’d go to Sushi Masu.

Are you looking specifically for sushi, or some other kind of Japanese restaurant?

I’ve had decent sushi at U-Zen on Santa Monica.


Both, I rarely go beyond California roll but the wife will go the Sushi distance

definitely don’t go to Mori or any of the places John suggested and ask for a california roll. That’s like when tourist and poor people go to L’Ami Louis, it’s just frowned upon right? [snort.gif]


Is the California Roll the sushi equivalent of Chop Suey? [berserker.gif]

Yeah. You have to go more purist than Cal. Roll at Echigo, Sasabune, or Sugarfish. Maybe Benihana?? :slight_smile:
Just kidding. I’m one of the rare asians (half) to ask for a fork at japanese restaurants for anything but sushi. Even my whitey wife wilts in embarassment.

Looks like Nanbankan is not open for lunch. Takao and Hamasaku do have rolls AND numerous non-sushi things, but again they are pricey and quite pricey respectively. Bruce’s U-Zen suggestion might work as they do have non-sushi stuff too. Another option, which a number of my foodie friends like but I have not tried, is Kiriko. They definitely do sushi and some fusiony things.

There’s always a change in continent and a stop at one of Roberto’s faves, Monte Alban for some great mole and other Oaxacan fare. Or you could go to Il Grano, have some crudo and pretend it’s sushi.

I read this quickly as a suggestion that he try the food at Kinko’s. If so, then they’re expanding their lines of business.