Japanese cuisine with 95` Taittinger CDC, 2 white Burgs

A dear friend and consummate winemaker and I enjoyed a stellar Japanese dinner at the best sushi place in Santa Barbara IMHO, Arigato.

Beforehand we drank fine champagne and then made the 3+ block walk to the restaurant which was his preference since he travels a fair amount to Japan to promote his label and loves the cuisine.

I yielded to his knowledge of the menu and informed choices from our waitress. We paired multiple courses with 2 nice white Burgs.

After dinner, we retreated back to my home and finished off the champagne in grand style while watching the last of a recorded NBA game between Golden State and OKC.

The wines:

1995 TAITTINGER COMTES de CHAMPAGNE BLANC de BLANC BRUT- told to open something that is drinking good now, I popped this one since it had been a few years since the last one and this is a bubbly Ive treasured every time I visited it; as before, it still outshines the more revered 1996 vintage from this producer IMHO although the 96 is catching up and showing extremely well; the color was more yellow than gold, the nose had a significant hit of toasted brioche and spices and the taste carried those characteristics on to be joined by ginger infused citrus, peach and Asian pear notes; this balanced champagne had a full body, incredible mouth coating texture and a long finish; this was a good as any I`d had before and almost in the same place from the last visit about 3 years ago; love it.

1995 FRANCOIS JOBARD MEURSAULT PORUZOTS 1ER CRU- poured into a Riedel Vinum Burgundy stem, the dark gold color immediately got our attention as we looked at each other with the suspicious eye of oxidation concerns; not the case, thankfully; it was delightful; it did have more mature notes and at the same time, it was very enjoyable and a perfect pairing with some of the fatty sea foods in front of us; it had a stone fruit profile with peach and apricot most evident along with honeysuckle, vanilla and lemon zest showing up by mid palate; it was lush, thick and creamy and held on for a lengthy finish.

1998 MICHEL COLIN-DELEGER DEMOISELLE PULIGNY MONTRACHET 1ER CRU- from a not so great vintage, this shined brightly with its nice acidity, fresh floral aromas and citrus flavors especially lemon and lime with kiwi, apple and pear also joining in; it had a medium+ body, nice balance, a good zingy mouthfeel and held on for extended pleasure at the end; it was so refreshing and delightful and in a great place.

A great night among buddies who shared a few common passions together= wine, food, basketball and fellowship.

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Loved those notes, Blake – thanks! Would particularly have loved the Taittinger, but I’m sure the Burgs were great, too.

Hi Larry. Nice surprise to see your response; hope all is well with you and you are drinking good.

Nice notes and congrats on going 2 for 2 dodging premox!

After opening the 2nd bottle, we did a high 5 to celebrate. I`ve been way to paranoid after too many losses.

That place has been on my radar ever since a friend had a great meal a few months ago. Thanks for the notes!

Trust your radar; this place is gold. As a result, be patient. They do not take reservations and typically there are lines out the door waiting at peak times especially.