Jancis on Old Vines (with a shout out to WB)



Jancis has a true passion for historic vineyards!

Frankly, if she freely took information from this forum, I would have preferred more credit than a non-linking spelling of the URL.

Contact her Todd, I’ll assure you her intention was not to diss WB. Is it possible for this Board to be less myopic and proprietary?

Come on Mike. What kind of question is that?

Find me a forum that IS less myopic and proprietary, would you? One freer with language, interaction, image posting, and any number of other items that make this crazy forum what it is.

I am pleased to have the hard work of you and others shown in print. I just feel that it would be a more professional gesture to give proper credit. She links all kinds of other sites in her article, but not ours.

I’m surprised she didn’t mention Do Ferreiro’s Albarino Cepas Vellas.

Agreed. It’s not that hard to hotlink, she does in four or five other references.

But we’re competitors to her Purple Pages no? It would have been a nice gesture and a little more gracious if she’d linked, but look at it this way - she at least did give it a nod and some respect. Some other well-known critics wouldn’t have done that.

And hey - does that mean she’s reading?

HI JANCIS flirtysmile

You read my mind!
I picked up on the hyperlink thing too. Kind of odd she didn’t.

If you look carefully at the other hotlinks in the article they are only to Jancis’ site not other sites. There aren’t any hotlinks to exterior sites on the page. She probably should have hotlinked to WB but it doesn’t seem discriminatory.

Shannon, thank you for pointing that out. I did miss that and withdraw my initial comment. Let’s be happy that one of the world’s most prominent wine critics referenced this forum on their own website.

Do you have any experience with aging Cepas Vellas?

What’s a good drinking window?

No clue. I have some recent ones cellared. We’ll see what happens.

I agree that her article would have better served her readers if she had linked her article to Mike’s thread. And it would have been a nice tip of the hat to a competing wine board. That being said, at least she had the decency to acknowledge where the information was complied rather than skirt the issue. I wouldn’t get too worked up about it, although had I been in her position, I would have linked to the thread in question.

Can understand why she didn’t [swearing.gif] , but hey there is always Google…

Oldest one I have had was a 2005 last year. Held up well, but started getting that Champagne nose (like the Zarate wines.)

Pay no attention to me - was having an ornery day. I’m happy to see her give credit to us at all - yes, I’d still prefer to have a link, since it is an html-based article and a hyperlink would be most convenient, but any credit is better than none. Mike put together the thread, and kept it updated, so if he’s satisfied that his work was credited to his satisfaction, I’m good to go!

Thanks Todd!

The project has been quiet for awhile now. It is far from dead, however, some exciting things are percolating! Hope to have an update soon.

I must point out that Jancis did add the link!!!

She is a sweetheart. While daily confrontations with eBob may or may not be justified, Ms. Robinson seems to be worthy of mostly - praise!