Jadot vs Bouchard in 1er Meursault...

Same price…which do you prefer in Les Perrieres and Les Genevrieres?


Bouchard. More liveliness and precision imho.



Bouchard for me too but I haven’t had Jadot in the last few vintages and the recent reviews are great. I just put in for a few btls of Jadot Perrieres from Envoyer this afternoon.


I’m kind of wondering post DIAM here.

Based on the couple Bouchard Genevrieres from 14/17 I’ve sampled, I’ll go with Jadot on Genevrieres and a toss up for Perrieres as I’ve had neither.

Understand and it could make a difference. But, IMHO Bouchard is less risky because I know how good those are. Jadot is probably worth a gamble (I did on PM Garenne) but if I was spending my money on Perrieres and could only buy one it would be Bouchard.