I've reached my maximum daily reactons. Trust issues

Any update on the trust levels issue?

I was just informed by a popup that I have reached my maximum daily reactions because the new site doesn’t trust me. That’s ok. The feeling’s mutual.

The popup assured me that “as I gain trust levels” I’ll “earn” more reactions. That’s all very cute (if a tad insulting) but I know Todd was working on getting the trust levels fixed so we don’t have to wait months for the software to “trust” us.

On a more philosophical aside: The children who wrote this dystopian algorithm need to understand that with software, it’s the humans that have to trust it, not the software that has ti trust the humans.


If you’d ever been on the other side of dealing with the volume of spam that the typical forum gets, I think you might have a better understanding of why the software absolutely should not trust the humans.

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There’s always a rationale to cede control to the algorithm. Never cede control to the algorithm.


the ‘max likes’ was set at 50 - I set it at 100 but are you going for some sort of record, Guillermo?? Jeez!

Maybe eyeing a new badge? ROFL

I’m just spreading the love. When you have a thread that has over 50 different users posting substantive responses in one day, you have to be thankful.

I notice you don’t even have any silver badges. Only bronze. Jelly? :berserker:



I’m just a big noob. :cheers:

The OP reminds me of the annoyance I feel every time a CAPTCHA asks me to prove I’m human.

It really doesn’t captcha your fancy?

Just wait until the Touring machines captcha your humanity!

@ToddFrench Most of us who logged in upon the switch to the new site are getting Level 2 now. (Everyone’s getting an email from your spoof account lol;) The number is increasing by the minute. You can probably reset the Level 1 settings now to whatever they should be.

I knew it wouldn’t take long for the regulars to ‘level up’

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Fixed it for you :cheers:

Avatar is a puppy dog, just sayin.

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