It's The Weekend...What Is Everyone Drinking?

Anybody has any major plans or special bottle(s) on tap for the weekend?

As of right now, I have no plan…but will open something that does not suck.

Tonight it’s going to be osso bucco and cabs with friends.

The cabs. Tee’d up we have:
05 Scherrer
04 Heitz
04 Bressler

We have a couple of chards (which I don’t drink much of) tee’d up too:
07 Gainy
07 Cuvaison

I don’t drink that many cabs these days, looking forward to this.

Will be interesting to hear how the Heitz is. Had a 2004 Napa a couple months ago that was suprisingly good.

Oops - the Heitz is 04, not 05. It’s the Napa (a recent addition from Marina Costco).

Tonight a tasting at Susan’s with a good variety of wines. The home for a light salad with pâte and some sort of mostly grenache.

Tomorrow night a paella dinner at a friend’s home. We’ll take a couple Spanish (Priorat and/or Rioja) wines to have with the paella.

Sunday a tasting of Muscadets with Casa del Vino in Albuquerque.

a friend is in town, so a line up of 85-90 bordeauxs for tonight. My brother is in town and just got engaged, so some champagne for tommorrow night

The Better Half is in town, and tomorrow night with one of my wine groups, we’re blind tasting Chablis & Loire reds. A night of wines mostly in my wheelhouse can’t suck!

popped an 04 stags leap petite an hour or so ago and its still tighter than all hell

Lunch today:

some tasty Italian white
'78 Chianti riserva from some producer
'00 Gaja Sperss?
some Sassicaia
'75 E. Pepe Montepulciano
'90 Jaboulet La Chapelle
some wines from the neighboring table

As I get older, my memory seems to be going. [tease.gif]


Going to be hot in Oregon this weekend.

Will be doing a little outside grilling in the afternoon, dinner with neighbors poolside. Probably will pop a few 2008 Territorial Rose’s, will be nice with warmer weather. Might open a 2006 J. Thomas Pinot Noir with dinner.

Around 10:00pm will be putting on four big packer briskets on the smoker. Plan an allnighter for them, they will come off around 1:00pm Sunday. Two briskets for neighbors, one for son and his wife and one for dinner for us with friends. Thinking of opening a 2006 Latchem Barbara or two with dinner.

Cheers!!! Stay cool

Whatever I’m able to get on the plane to Japan, and whatever we’re served on the ‘opening night’ ceremonies…

Guigal,Condrieu La Doriane 2006 at dinner tonight and
Aubert 2006 Ritchie vineyard chardonnay
Tomorrow night with home-made crab cakes
It’s my wife’s birthday weekend!

Tonight was an 06 McPrice Myers Les Gelats and a 96 Clos Pegase Cab.
Saturday will be an assortment at the inaugural Ventura County Offline. Hope to have 20+ wines for that that get together. [berserker.gif]

Just crushed a bottle of 06 Alesia Chileno Valley with the wife @ Sam’s in Half Moon Bay sitting out by the fire pit.

Solid bottle of wine, solid time!

Tomorrow, maybe an older Bordeaux.

Pretty misty / wet evening on the coast, eh Lance? But wine and fire help immensely with that, and Sam’s is probably the tastiest “tourist trap” I have ever been to! Michelle and I downed a bottle of 99 Adanti Sagrantino at Stella Alpina in Burlingame. Awesome.

Tomorrow we leave for a weeklong Italian extended family reunion in upstate New York. I predict much cheap wine and much beer.

Friday= 2006 Bachelet Gevrey Chambertin Vieilles Vignes
Saturday= Pol Roger Sir Winston Churchill vertical
Sunday= lots of water

2004 Lucien Albrecht Pinot Gris Cuvée Romanus; N.V. Chartogne-Taillet Champagne Brut Millésimé Merfy

Saw the line up that Rick posted. Jealous. Wish I could be there.