It's The Fourth Of July Weekend...What Is Everyone Drinking?

Gotta be a Carlisle Zinfandel for me to go with my brisket…nothing more American than that.

Grilling up a 3 or 4 racks of babyback’s, they will need a 07 Fiddletown Zin from Rombauer. [snort.gif] [snort.gif]

Hopefully kid # 2 (son) will be born at some point over the weekend. If so, Shampagnee!!

+1 to Bill, nothing says the 4th like Carlisle.

Good luck Jorge!!

Got a bottle of '02 Ridge Geyserville I want to pull out – with burgers.

55, 90, 96 DP, 71 DP mag, a bunch of DP oeno’s, 66 Bolly Mag, 66 Cristal, 49 Krug Collection, 69 Krug Collection mag, 90, 96 Krug, 96 Clos du Mesnil, 96 Krug d’Ambonnay, 75 Tait CdC mag, 61 Heidsick mag, 66, 69, 71 La Mouline, 89 beaucastel hommage mag, 69, 71 Rousseau Chambertin, vertical of Monfortino from 52 forward and then the real drinking will start [highfive.gif]


fresh pale ale homebrew from a pony keg on ice right next to the pool

Something warming, probably, since the sun has yet to come out all week, and the forecast is only getting colder. High of 64 on Sunday - sweet.

I count 26 wines, plus an unidentified “bunch,” and a “vertical” that may include 57 bottles of wine. So roughy 100 bottles in 3-4 days, with a price tag of, oh, $20gs maybe? Please post all tasting notes. [tease.gif]

I will be drinking an '05 Carlisle Zin as well. [cheers.gif]


Honestly, I wish I had the chops to handle that much juice. My liver thanks me that I do not. So, no directions for me, thanks. [truce.gif]

Gonna be in the 90s here so lots of Rose. Nothing better than that.

Going way up north with the in laws. Picked up a mixed case of, Drouhin chorey les beaune, Domaine Luneau Papin Muscadet, Skouras St. George, Vietti’s Moscato, some Cotes du Rhones, Rioja Alta Alberdi, Gobelsburg Gruner V, Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti Le Orme and other goodies. No USA wine, but some good local brews from Half Acre. [welldone.gif]

To add to Ray’s list, I am bringing the “young” guns - '89 and '90 of both La Miss and Haut Brion. Plus an '85 DP from an OCB/OGB for Hillbilly. I just decanted the 4 reds and my house smells like scorched earth and cherries.

Please let me know where to get that lineup for $20gs! [thankyou.gif]

Haven’t decided. American and French wines only of course. Probably some more 70s Cabernets for the burgers and Champagne for the hot dogs.

Had one a few weeks ago…was awesome!

Not sure what I’m drinking…only time will tell…

Vertical will only four or five vintages - “bunch” will be 6-8 bottles. All for just tonight - will post notes/highlights as I have for the previous Bruce the Evictor f/k/a Returner’s Birthday Bashes

Forgot a number of other wines including the birthday boy’s vintage 1957 RC.

2005 Benjamin Romeo Predicador
2008 Aubert Ritchie

Tonight…2000 Carter Cellars Beckstoffer Vineyard