It's Ramp & Morel Season

Ramps are here!
I love them grilled with olive oil, salt & pepper. So easy and so good.
Ramp compound butter is another favorite.

I was hoping to find some morels, but no luck today. I picked the pheasant back I found a couple of days ago.
Anyone else spend hours in the woods looking for mushrooms? :slight_smile:

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Paging Josh Grossman, Paging Josh Grossman

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I started a morel bed last year. This Spring hopefully I will reap my rewards

Did you use a grow kit? I know they are hard to grow. Hoping you have success.

Yes used a kit of spores. The preparation of the bed (6’ X 6’) was quite extensive.

Are these White Ramps?
They smell like sweet onions.

Looks like it!:slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve had strange weather this year with the April snow, but I’ve got a couple pan fulls of morels:

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I usually pickle my ramps, but made a mignonette sauce for raw oysters and also made ramp Rockefeller. They say they are rare, but I have probably 20 acres of ramps at my place in Hocking County:

Made some scrambled eggs with my find!


Guy who forages our ramps here in IN likes his with eggs as well. No morels here, yet, which sucks. I don’t think we’re going to get a lot before the cicadas come–yup year 17 for Brood X.

Same here! I was looking for morels, but I didn’t find any. It is supposed to rain today and then warm tomorrow, so my hope is it provokes them to pop. BTW, I have never foraged or prepared Ramps, but the scrambled eggs with them were really good!!

I still haven’t found any morels either. :frowning: Your eggs w/ramps look delish!

Had my first ramps of the year today, and they are always a delight. Just quickly seared with some smoked salt, and it was heavenly. Next time will be with pasta + parmigiano reggiano

Wasn’t paying attenetion and Should have added my post here…Abbie I know you are close by if you’re looking for a patch I can point you there :slight_smile:

We are going to have to have an Ohio meetup here. Most of this thread are the Ohio folks.

Morels? :slight_smile:
We have a ton of ramps right now. We marinated a bunch on Friday and threw them on a pizza with goat cheese. Yum!

Are you bringing the mushrooms?

Do chanterelles count? I usually find bushels of those.

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Wow, it can take up to ten years to establish a decent bed of ramps, even then there’s many non productive years-