ITB question

Not if you’re a Silent Minority.

(and we all know that’s impossible!)

ha ha


Probably a good idea . . .


Interesting question - but as most things in life, I think you need to use your best judgment to come up with the answer . . . In all seriousness, I would NOT include ITB with the Constellation issue . . . unless you owned a BUNCH of that stock . . .


Are their actual facts here or is this just a hypothetical?

Here’s my take:

From a winery perspective, if you have to file with the TTB, you’re ITB or are employed by or manage a winery (or brewery), you’re ITB.

From a retail/wholesale perspective, if you have to file with the state or are employed by or manage a retail/wholesale entity, you’re ITB.

I am obviously ITB, but I don’t have ITB in my sig line because I don’t shill my product here. If I did, I guess I would feel that it was necessary.

If I own a winery, grow some grapes, make the wine, work in the tasting room, self distribute, maintain the website can I put ITB on my tag?

No Steve. You’re not ITB, you ATB!


This thread is making me rethink my lack of a tag line. I guess all the cool kids are doing it. [berserker.gif]

I got it

ITB: Bedazzler from Peachy Canyon flirtysmile

[wow.gif] [snort.gif]

How do you work the tagline? Is that a wrestling maneuver? Can I be the Junkyard Dog?

Is this you at home with the family?


My cousins in the Lucha Libre are the black sheep of the family.

A refreshing approach given the shameless way some people pimp their wineries/wines in the Wine Talk section.

The majority of wineries do just fine without the shameless plugging on wine boards. Hell, there is a dedicated forum here to PIMP!


One way or another, most businesses work hard to sell their product…

Just FYI when this board started, there was a request for those ITB to put it in their sig line, so they could be identified.

Mods correct me if I’m mistaken, but that was my understanding.


Does my signature line meet the standards? [dontknow.gif]