ITB designation?

Are ITB folks still expected to include some designation? If “yes,” is it now as (irritatingly) hidden as is users’ “location”?

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Those who are ITB have the ‘flair’ that shows right on their avatar - since the ITB from signatures hasn’t carried over the users must just add themselves to the group, via the preferences, and it assigns the flair automatically. Several users have been ‘hall monitoring’ and flagging posts from ITB folks - when I see those flagged posts I just do the change FOR the person, rather than assume if I reach out they’ll do it. I’ve done a dozen of them already but there are dozens more

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Is that the green circle on mine? I’m happy to have it, just want to make sure I know what’s what.

The green circle indicates that you are online.

No, just go to your preferences and join the ITB group

Am I considered ITB? I am never really sure.

I don’t see groups Todd.

Nevermind, found it!

you have BB as yours - that’s obviously ITB as well, no worries :slight_smile:

Yeah, but I found the groups section!!!

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Absolutely. Shill spotted! :joy:

When an ITB or BB person is also GCC or Monopole Cru. Are they supposed to have the ITB or BB flair displaying always or can they pick?

Few, if any, are all those. BB includes membership to GCC so there’s no reason for them to be in all of them. Let’s not stress SO much about this, lol