It' Friday The 13th...What Is Everyone Enjoying This Weekend?

Tonight a couple of 2007 CdR’s to test the waters.

Tomorrow night for sure will be N.V. Dom Ruinart BdB Brut Champers and a bottle of 1997 Mondavi Reserve Cab. Other wines will be there, but are unknown at this time.

I need to figure that out. I think my better half is coming down with a cold so I may be drinking alone.

Maybe a newly arrived 05 Swan Zin.


Tonight - Villa Creek Garnacha
Sunday - 01 Plumpjack cab & 03 Alban Reva
Saturday - ??

Incredible wine.

Had the '01 Plumpjack McWilliams Estate about a month ago and it is firing on all cyllinders for sure. I would give it a couple of hours of air though.

07 Schrader that just got here


Something red, syrah or cab, ala Pobega :wink:
I need something good for the Cotto/Paquiao fight…Maybach or Ramey Pedregal maybe?

Did a blind Pinot shoot-out last night: '06 Roar Gary’s / '07 Seasmoke Botella / '05 Fiddlestix “728” / '07 Mouton Noir Faux Original Eola Hills

Will do more blind tastings as this truly plays with your mind. Very fun.

Which one’s were you thinking about crakin’ Bill?

Gotta find something for Saturday night that goes with a Puerto Rican beating up a Philipino.

I’m about to head up to Fort Worth for the big game, so doubtful I will have any wine, but there will be lots 'o beer.

Tonight, possibly a '94 Conterno Barolo Cascina Francia with pizza. Tomorrow, an '86 Lafite, '86 La Tache & '97 Chave.

bummer… too bad you couldn’t find anything better…

We do white wine spritzers at tail-gates. And tequila!

(that right…I’m a Stanford and Niner fan!)

Whatever Costco has in the bins.

You don’t have any at home?

I’ve always liked you T-Bone!


That’s the only way to buy French wine.

Bill likes the occasional road soda.

I have loads, but Costco just got a big CdP, CdR and Gigondas dump yesterday. I need to see what is new and exciting in the $10 to $20 range.

I may have to crack a Three Sisters.